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Mrs. W.A. Maas    06 May 2009 15:52
Dear Mrs. Diamanto,

I just spoke to Mrs. Nooij-Bergman who visited your resort with her daughter 2 weeks ago. Probably you already know this but they have had a great holiday and were very glad with your service!

With kind regards,

Mrs. W.A. Maas

European Care & Travel Agency (ECT Vakanties

Martin Hils    06 May 2009 15:49
Dear ERIA Resort-Team,

now we are back at home again. And we would like to say thank you for the nice stay we had in Maleme, thank you for your good company and for the careful driving around the island all the time. We enjoyed the time a lot.

Thank you, take care and bye.

Martin Hils
Zeynel Aydogan and
Annett Czeslick

Matthew    16 April 2009 22:29
Hello nice site :)

Gundelinde and Rudy    30 November 2008 22:12
Dear Mrs. Diamanto,

Thanks for your hospitality and we think back as a wonderful vacation. I was a little bit afraid to go on a journey after the operation and in a wheelchair but we are glad for the experience that it is possible and that we had such a good time.
The hotel is so well adjusted with the electric bed, bathroom etc. that I could manage the daily things by my own and that is very important for me. I also wanted that my husband has a much better birthday than last year (I was operated on that day) and the celebration together with the Greek dancing was so nice for him. Thank you for even baking a wonderful cake for him.
We will return in the summer for 3 weeks and I am looking forward to explore the possibilities of relaxing on the beach and swimming in the sea.

Many greetings,
Gundelinde and Rudy from Amsterdam

Marianne Brøndlund 2    11 November 2008 10:46
Dear staff at the eria-resort,

Thank you for a beautiful holiday in your house and all the support you gave us during our stay.
We will always remember the good time we had during these two weeks and your friendly every day help.

We send a photo of you as a little ”Thank you” and we hope you will like it.
We are very much looking forward to seeing you, your beautiful hotel and your beautiful country again soon !

With appreciation and our best regards

Marianne Broendlund with Ingeborg, Marion and Jutta

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