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Sylvie Ratineau-Levr    24 August 2009 09:29
Nous voulions encore vous remercier pour votre accueil chaleureux. Nous avons trouvé à l'hôtel Eria du calme, de la sérénité. Tout le personnel a été adorable avec nous , remerciez les pour nous .
Ici le quotidien est revenu ! J'ai encore une semaine de vacances pour préparer avec Valentin la rentrée scolaire .

Je vous embrasse
Sylvie Ratineau-Levraud

Alex TASCIOGLU    31 July 2009 17:47
Kalimera Diamento et tout le personnel!!!

pour la deuxième fois à ERIA RESORT, je tiens à vous remercier pour toutes les bonnes choses que vous nous avez apporté à moi et au groupe APF ( à mon avis)!
Donc un big EFKARISTO à vous!!!
Bisous! A bientôt!
Yassou! Alex.

Andy Blanshard    18 July 2009 10:54
Hello to all of you from a very rainy England - I wish we were still in your sunshine.

I wanted to give you some feedback but didn't want to fill in a standard form - and I didn't just want to say "It's a great place"; I wanted to say why. Please feel free to use this feedback in any way you want.

Why is Eria Resort a great place?
Above everything else that is good about Eria are the people. It is they who create the atmosphere; they who provide the services and the information.

Every single member of staff really seemed to care about their guests - and they truly treated us as guests, rather than just paying customers. They were warm and welcoming. They were upbeat and enthusiastic, but in a gentle, thoughtful way - never 'in your face'.

If you wanted to know anything - about the hotel, the resorts, the cities etc., they would take the time to tell you. If they didn't know the answer, they'd find out. If you wanted to arrange something - bike hire, boat trips etc., they'd help.

The excursions that were available didn't come with a hard sell. They were just a well thought out variety of excursions, carefully tailored to the guests' needs, for the guests only (no big coachloads), and presented in a factual way - no pressure to join them.

Also, if there was somewhere different that a guest wanted to go, or a request for a minor variation to an excursion, that was OK too.

The hotel, the rooms and all the facilities where beautifully clean and well looked after. The rooms have everything you could need and are very attractively designed. The pool is brilliant, large enough for able bodied swimmers to get some exercise but designed so non-swimmers and the disabled can enjoy the crystal clear water too (that sounds a bit like a brochure entry but the water was exceptionally clear) - a great benefit in the hot sunshine.

The food was good - it was certainly plentiful, with lots of chance to come again. We liked the flexibility of the timing - it was served punctually at a given time but kept warm and replenished for those who wanted to arrive a bit later. Eating the evening meal, sitting in the warmth and peace by the pool was really relaxing.

Eria Resort is different and it is great. When we were there the guests were quite a varied group - age, nationality and activity. We didn't expect, nor did we want, to do anything other than have a good time on our own but we ended up developing some really nice, casual relationships.

The behaviour of Eria's driver, Yannis, really captures what Eria is like. Having a hire car, we never joined an excursion in the resort's small bus but twice - going to the beach and up to the mountains - Yannis allowed us to follow him, taking great care that we were OK, even when it came to parking. And, when were going home and found ourselves (with wheelchair and too many bags!) at the tail of a very long check-in queue, Yannis, who was waiting for arrivals, spotted us, left what he was doing and took us to the front of the queue where we could be checked-in quickly. His job didn't require him to do that, but he did it.

The owners and managers of Eria Resort have really created something very special.


Lesley Webster    13 June 2009 08:27
Hi Diamanto and all

Thank you for our third wonderful holiday, everything was perfect as usual. It was great to see you all again.
It is so good to know of a lovely, small friendly and so well equipped hotel with such kind staff.
Each time we come I leave a little of my heart with you.

Love Lesley & Mick Webster

Marianne Gottlieb    24 May 2009 15:29
Giasso! (Hey!)

My Wife Birgitte Jørgensen,hoeje Taastrup - Denmark is right now living in a suite at ERIA RESORT, together with three other girls: Winnie, \'Lotte and Jelena, all coming from Denmark.
Therefore i have just studied your website, and I\'m very happo to see what a womderfull place it is, that my wife Birgitte and her friends are living at. It looks both cosy, comfortable, and very secure.
I can see that the 4 girls must have a wonderfull time. I almost envy them, and is remembering my own visits in Crete, and otherwhere in Greece - I hope to come there again some day. :-)
Give the young ladies my best
regards from Marianne Gottlieb.
And to the staff and owners of ERIA RESORT: EFCHARISTO POLI! Thank you very much.
Best wishes
Marianne from Copenhagen

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